MAG-pie Alert!… #29 TOXICITY OF IRON

by Morley Robbins on May 8, 2016

MAG-pie Alert!… #29 TOXICITY OF IRON

Now, let’s pull the curtain ALL the way back:

o          You point out the sugar issue & it’s effect on Calcium & Phosphorous, but where’s Maggie. Yes,
there 18+ minerals involved in Bone Matrix, but as you likely know, the BIG three are Ca, P &

o          It’s worth noting that there are three Calcitrophic Hormones, Calcitonin, PTH, & Hormone-D…
ALL 3 are dependent on Mg to work. So that when Ca is rising, it’s worth asking,
“Where’s Maggie?…”

o          You raise the issue of sugars in the blood, & it’s worth noting that Ca stimulates Insulin release,
but Mg CALMS it. In fact, the Ca/Mg ratio is called the “Blood Sugar Ratio”

o          Furthermore, it is Mg that activates the Tyrosine Kinase enzyme to allow Insulin INTO the cell,
& Mg is critical in 6 of the 9 enzymes to breakdown Glucose in the Krebs Cycle.

o          Also, Mg is central to the release & dynamics of Pancreatic enzymes & function…sugar

What’s my point ^^^^?

You aptly raise the “sugar issue,” but deftly sidestep an important question: “Where’s Maggie?” & “WHY is there a “sugar issue?”

It’s worth noting that excess, unbound Iron has a devastating effect on the cells, the tissues & the organs:
o          Iron has a magical effect on chasing Mg out of the cell which affects Pumps, Channels, etc that affect Electrolyte balance….

o          Iron has a magical effect on inviting more Calcium into the cell & bloodstream. It delights in affecting the Mito Calcium Uptake pathway which   dramatically affects Iron, Ca, & Mg status…

o          Iron, in excess, is toxic to Phosphorous… and who knows digestion better than you, and the impact that excess Iron has on Digestive Enzymes, stomach pH, and the natural production of
Phosphorous is notable…

o          Iron is attracted to the Beta cells of the Pancreas & it is well established that “Iron Overload” is the CAUSE of Diabetes… I’ll go out on a limb and state BOTH T1D and T2D, but for
different reasons…

o          Iron Overload & Mg deficiency are clearly implicated in Metabolic Syndrome –      – one begets the other, unfortunately…

o          Iron Overload is recognized as WHY there is “Insulin Resistance,” as it chases Mg from the Tyrosine Kinase enzyme

o          I could go on, but I believe you get the point…

Absolutely, you could throw some PhosFood at the “Sugar Symptom,” but what I’ve devoted MAG to is addressing the CAUSE… I want folks to get to the ROOT of why there is a sugar issue & why there is missing Mg that profoundly affects the balance of Ca<>Mg<>P and many other seesaws in the body…

There clearly is an Iron issue when her Ceruloplasmin (Cp) is hovering at 18-20, & it should be @ 35-40 mg/dL. That low Cp, I believe, is CAUSED by excess Iron in her system & her diet & THAT Elephant in the room that you are walking around needs to be addressed, so that her Magnesium can get normalized, so that her “Blood Sugar Ratio” can get normalized, so that her Ca/P ratio can get normalized.

Does that ^^^^ make sense to you?… I know you’re not a “mineral guy,” but Minerals DO matter. It’s important that in our responses, esp. on MAG, that we address the totality of dynamics as it is TOO EASY to address a symptom & NOT address the root cause… That’s where the REAL payoff is.

So, I’m confident that there are aspects of these dynamics that I’ve overlooked, & please feel free to fill in the gaps. All I ask is that you think more broadly in your responses to get to the ROOT of the matter so that we can ALL solve our metabolic dysfunctions, not merely treat them…

A votre sante!


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