MAG-pie Alert!… #28 TOXICITY OF IRON – On the Iron-ic ignorance of blood testing

by Morley Robbins on May 7, 2016

MAG-pie & MAG-net Alert!

Post #28 on the Iron-ic Ignorance of Blood testing…RBC

I’ll make this one short and sweet… (I’m just as sick of ALL of these Posts on Iron as you are… 😉 )

Please read this important article:

Please make a copy for your favorite M.ineral D.enialist who is LOST in Iron-ic anemia…

Please STOP basing decisions on Iron status using a Ferritin-ONLY blood test…

Please START basing decision on Iron status using a MORE complete & responsible assessment of your Iron metabolism:

Please know you have been amply educated & warned… 😉

And I’m PLEASED to bring this Iron-ic truth to you again, and again, and again… and will continue to do so!

A votre sante!


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