The Root Cause Protocol comes to Detroit!

by Morley Robbins on August 17, 2018

Morley Robbins leads seminars on The Root Cause Protocol.

Come join us for this exciting event where

Morley Robbins will lead you
to discover a path to renewed vitality,
that spark of life.



By rebalancing the minerals in our bodies!  Minerals runs the body, and when fine-tuned to bring toxic iron under control, our bodies achieve better function because the important minerals…. Magnesium and bound Copper…. can express themselves more fully.

Morley will also introduce the STOPS and STARTS of The Root Cause Protocol, the plan of action.

Invest in yourself………  invest in your HEALTH!

Register for the Root Cause Protocol Basics seminar of about three hours on October 25, 2018. The cost is $65.00.


Are you considering training to become a certified Root Cause Protocol Consultant (RCPC)?

Here is your chance to begin the training with Morley Robbins, in person.  🙂  Three full days of training at this event in Detroit, followed by online work-at-your-own-pace sessions, lead to certification.

Many RCPCs will also attend and you will have a chance to meet them and get to know the thriving and supportive RCPC Community.  RCPCs are worldwide and 80 of them are listed in the Root Cause Protocol Consultants Directory.

Register for the Root Cause Protocol Consultants training.  Three full days and more :). October 26 thru 28, 2018. The cost is $2,500.00.


Do you want a person to person, live, Root Cause Protocol Consult You can have one in Detroit, too!  $300.00.

Plus, Dr. Liz Erkenswick will also be on hand to provide your choice of healing session where you can choose between “Energy Balancing” or “Bio-Magnetism”; 45 minute session for $75


And, have some fun, too!  The 1st Annual Hallowe’en RCP Costume Party, with prizes for favorite costumes. Start designing your costume now!

Another feature of the Detroit Event is the Root Cause Protocol Marketplace where the recommended supplements will be available for sale.

For more information, please go to this website,

PS – please help us spread the word about this first ever, live, event in the USA! It is at the Comfort Inn, near the Detroit Airport, October 25 – 28, 2018.  Download and email and/or print this flyer. Send it to all of those who you think will benefit…. post it on public bulletin boards, at stores and local events, too. Detroit-Root Cause Protocol Live Event-Oct25-28-2018.pdf


Thanks in advance for your support and help. 🙂

A votre sante
Morley M. Robbins
and the 160,000+ member FB Magnesium Advocacy Group

Detroit-Root Cause Protocol Live Event-Oct25-28-2018.pdf

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