Need a Tune Up? See Dr Liz at the Detroit RCP Event.

by Morley Robbins on September 26, 2018

Need a Tune Up?
See Dr Liz at the Detroit RCP Event.


Dr Liz, Morley Robbins’ wife, is highly skilled, with healing hands. She has been practicing the healing arts for over 30 years in Chicago IL and now in Hammond LA USA.

She will be at the Detroit Root Cause Protocol Event and offer two options to help folks tune up their bodies: Energy Balancing and Bio-Magnetism

These healing modalities can have a profound effect on the body and mind…..


Here is what members of the Magnesium Advocacy Group have to say about Dr Liz:

  • Cathy S: I’ve signed up for this! Can’t wait for expert hands and healing!!!
    • Christy Mc: Please report back, so jealous
    • Kristan: It’s soooo worth it 😍
  • Liv Irene: I am healed by her hands! ❤️💐😍
  • Victoria T: Dr. Liz is so awesome! 💞
  • Susan C: Wish I could be there – I would be honored to get an appointment with Dr. Liz
  • Toril M: I’m hoping that both Morley and Liz can come to Norway at one point!

You can schedule a session with Dr. Liz, using this link.

Or, use the link on the Detroit RCP Event website. You can also register for:

  • the three hour Root Cause Protocol Basics seminar on Sunday,
  • the Root Cause Protocol Consultants Training, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and
  • shop at the RCP Marketplace.

We look forward to meeting you in Detroit!

A votre sante,
Morley Robbins

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