Magnesium, Stress & Heart Disease…

by Morley Robbins on June 28, 2013


Another day, another chance to clear the air about what REALLY causes so-called “heart disease…”

Today’s assault on our sanity comes from a group of researchers from France writing about the impact that “Stress!” AND the perception of “Stress!” has on our chance of a heart attack. OMg!

Published in the online edition of European Heart Journal, it was summarized today (6/28/13) on Newsmax with the following title:

Stress Doubles Heart Attack Risk: Study

(Please take a moment to read this overview…)

Here are five recommendations noted from the study for how to address this elusive and mysterious health crisis that appears to be taking place between your heart and now your mind:

“1. Take several slow deep breaths periodically throughout the day. Deep breathing can shift the body out of the fight-or-flight response.

2. Exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercise teaches the body how to handle the physiological effects of stress. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression.

3. Eat as healthfully as possible. Chronic or acute stress may trigger the desire to dive into high-calorie comfort foods. However, after an initial flash of relief, you will tend to feel lethargic, fatigued and possibly worse than you did before.

4. Identify stressful triggers, and create a plan to help you cope.

5. Instead of stressing about your health, be proactive and find ways to improve it. If you have high blood pressure, learn how to lower the sodium in your diet. Start walking a few days a week to strengthen your heart and help manage weight.”

Did you notice anything missing?… Hint: it’s the metabolic mineral that runs our body, and our hearts…


This research team elected to treat this crisis as a “mental/emotional” phenomenon. I can just hear these authors now: “Why if the public found out that it’s a biologic issue — born of a simple mineral deficiency — due to a failing processed food system and toxic Rx meds, well, there’s no telling what they would do…”

It’s utterly amazing…

And yet, the Magnesium censorship remains most most secure, especially as it relates to “heart disease.” Know that the field of Cardiology is a MEGA-billion dollar industry — just in the U.S., alone. Imagine how the numbers grow as the global population factors into the equation. This is the ultimate franchise to protect — apparently at all costs.
After three painstaking years of meticulous research, I can assure you (and I will in my forthcoming book entitled, Magnificent Magnesium: Essential Key to a Healthy Heart) that the central issue in heart disease is a systemic lack of energy, thereby starving our heart muscle cells. And how do our cells spell this vital “energy?” Mg-ATP. Period. If there ain’t enough Maggie to make that cardiac energy, the cells start to die. And when enough cells start to die, the tissue dies. And when enough tissue dies, the heart simply STOPS beating.
And what causes this lack of Magnesium? “Stress!” Or the perception of “Stress!” — it matters not to our ticker. As I teach my clients, “Stress!” causes an acceleration of your Magnesium Burn Rate (MBR)! If you remember nothing else from this post, please remember that “Stress!” causes Mg loss…
Think that foundational FACT would be worth sharing in this most recent research study?…
Yeah, me too!
Btw, this is hardly “my” theory. I first learned of it reading Hans Selye’s The Chemical Prevention of Cardiac Necrosis. The book was written in 1962. And Dr. Selye got the idea from Dr. Fiedler, a Viennese physician, who theorized that this was the true CAUSE of heart attacks — all the way back in 1899. These are important facts to know as you “worry” about your heart, all that “Stress!” you’re dealing with, as well as all those cardiac Rx meds you’re downing.
It’s not complicated… If you’re dealing with a lot of “Stress!” — “take Mo’ Maggie!” Here’s a set of starter recommendations on how to take control of that “Stress!” BIOLOGICALLY:
Forgive me if I appear frustrated… This has been our nation’s #1 cause of death for the last 100 years. Last year, alone, 800,000 people died of a heart attack. I think it’s time for some new answers.
How ’bout you?!?… What do you think?…
A votre sante!

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