MAG-pie Alert!… #33 Iron dysregulation causes cancer.

by Morley Robbins on July 15, 2016

cancerMAG-pie Alert!… #33 TOXICITY OF IRON

MAG-pie & MAG-net Alert!

Is there anyone here who’s STILL unclear about the metal-bolic ORIGIN of cancer?

Simply read the 1st sentence in the “Discussion” section (Always the MOST important!)

And lest you think otherwise, the OTHER metal issues noted are ALL CAUSED by Copper<>Iron dysregulation & the corresponding LACK of Cp (Ceruloplasmin), although they appear “silent” on that…

Those wondering or worried about their chances for ALLOWING cancerous metal-bolism into their bodies had best get a FULL Monty Iron Panel AND get it properly interpreted by a practitioner that’s NOT blinded by “Iron-ic anemia…”

Hope this sheds NEW & IMPORTANT light re the relentless “D”eception surrounding “D”isease…

A votre sante!


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