MAG-pie Alert!… #16 TOXICITY OF IRON: o There is NO such thing as “medical disease” o There is ONLY “metabolic dysfunction” CAUSED by “mineral dysregulation”

by Morley Robbins on March 6, 2016

MAG-pie Alert!… #16 TOXICITY OF IRON

o There is NO such thing as “medical disease”
o There is ONLY “metabolic dysfunction” CAUSED by “mineral dysregulation”
o This is TIGGERED by our “moronic diet” of Iron-enriched & Iron-altering foods (HFCS & GMO) that are TOTALLY ignored by “M.ineral D.enialists whose soul purpose is to push “more drugs…”

Having said those truisms ^^^^, it is important to understand that cellular Mg deficiency PRECEDES the “Inflammatory Cascade.” (Weglicki & Phillips, Am Jrl Physiol, 1992) This begs the question: “What stressor(s) are ‘chasing’ Maggie out of the cell?” It turns out that IRON STRESS is THE culprit!

Inflammation is CAUSED by excess, unbound STORED Iron in the tissues…

So-called “Infections” exist because opportunistic Pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungus & parasites) are FEEDING OFF of Iron. They take advantage of a low-energy, low pH, AND low Oxygen Environments — ALL OF WHICH is brought to us by Iron!newletter 16

This Iron-ic CHAOS is made possible because doctors are poorly trained to understand mineral dynamics — WHICH, IN FACT, RULE THE BODY! — and are taught simple mathematics: if something looks “LOW” then “D”rown it! And the scale of the Iatrogenic illness that they CAUSE makes Mt. Everest look like a molehill.

Furthermore, the Iron in blood is NOT fully representative of the scope of Iron being STORED in the Tissues. That is why leading clinicians — the world over — are using Ferriscan MRIs to assess TRUE Iron Burden in:

o Livers (cirrhosis, cancer)
o Pancreas (diabetes)
o Joints (arthritis)
o Kidney (CKD, etc.)
o Brain (Neurodegenerative disorders)

Yes, ALL of that ^^^^ — AND MORE — is CAUSED by Iron-induced Oxidative Stress! Iron-ic, eh?!?…

So, the bodily response of “hide & go seek” that is alluded to is helpful, & to some extent accurate, but it’s ORIGIN lies SOLELY on the shoulders of our Iron OVERWHELMED bodies that have been assaulted for 70+ years — Globally — by exogenous sources of Iron in our myth-taken diets of TWO elements: 1) toxic Iron-laden food, supplements & Rx meds; & 2) medical ignorance & arrogance of human physiology. In a word, it is appalling what “they” have done & have been ALLOWED to do by “us” because we were lost in the Land of Oz, not knowing that THEY were a sham (Oz!), & we had the POWER all along (*click* our heels!) MAG is devoted to teaching you just that!

So, forgive all the blah, blah, blah, but this is important, they struck a cord & hopefully people are clearer now on at least how “MAG-neto Man!” sees this deplorable mineral mess that we find ourselves in & are seeking to correct…

A votre sante!


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