MAG-pie Alert!… #12 TOXICITY OF IRON: OK, know anybody who’s struggling with Arrhythmias?

by Morley Robbins on February 26, 2016

MAG-pie Alert!… #12 TOXICITY OF IRON

OK, know anybody who’s struggling with Arrhythmias?…

Yeah, me, too!… 🙂

Well, it just got REAL interesting when I happened upon this gem of an article:

It turns out that EXCESS Iron is now recognized as the source of “arrhythmogenesis” (silly way of saying: creates arrhythmias…). The LAST line of this article: “The specific K+ (Potassium) Channel affected by Iron, may therefore be a target for treatment of the arrhythmias caused by iron-overload cardiomyopathy.”

And there’s one other amazing FACTOID that says it all in this article…

It’s a recognized fact that Rats have the natural ability of producing Vitamin-C (not Ascorbic Acid, mind you… ). And what this article reveals — THAT I DID NOT KNOW — is that Rats have the natural ability to EXCRETE IRON!!! (Again, from this article: “Because the Rat can excrete excess Iron, cardiac iron deposition could not be produced in vivo in this species.”)

OMg! That is a blockbuster insight…

There are two very important conclusions to be drawn:caged rats

1) ALL Cardiac studies based on Rats are TOTALLY invalid, as the reduced iron status of these rodents puts a wrench in to thousands & thousands of studies; and

2) Take Mo’ Wholefood Vit-C!… Now this is a stretch, but if a Rat can use their natural ability to “excrete excess Iron,” why can we?!?… No, I can find NO research to back that up, but given that I descend from a family that ALL kicked the bucket via their Hearts that stopped working, I’m not going to hesitate to pursue this with a vengeance…

And for those of you who are perplexed by Arrhythmias, please read this article carefully and know that excess, unmanaged Iron is the BAD guy, and wholefood Vit-C is the GOOD GUY…

So, here’s to the RATS and ALL they have revealed… 😉

A votre sante!


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