Iron Toxicity Post #54: A Tale of TWO Cities…

by Morley Robbins on October 2, 2017

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Iron Toxicity Post #54: A Tale of TWO Cities…

When you or your favorite M.ineral D.enialist suspect that you have ANY issues with your PROPER Copper<>Iron Status, these are the many elements that are intimately involved in your Copper<>Iron metabolism and thus should be the basis of your quest for PROPER & COMPLETE answers. Note the DUAL nature of MANY of this elements:

  • Magnesium RBC
  • Ferrous (Fe II) Iron
  • Ferric (Fe III) Iron
  • Ferritin Heavy-chain form
  • Ferritin Light-chain form
  • Ferritin Mitochondrial form – CRITICAL for the Health of Brain, Heart, Liver, Thymus, & Gonads
  • Cuprous (Cu I) Copper
  • Cupric (Cu II) Copper
  • Oxygen, found on Hemoglobin, INSIDE Ferroxidase enzyme and INSIDE Ferritins
  • Ceruloplasmin with Ferroxidase function
  • Ceruloplasmin without Ferroxidase function and ONLY Acute Phase Reactant response
  • Anemia of Iron Deficiency (indicates an absolute deficiency of Iron)
  • Anemia of Chronic Inflammation (Indicates an absolute deficiency of Bioavailable Copper)


If you think JUST measuring your Ferritin status – despite the fact that it exists in THREE states noted ABOVE ^^^^ and we have NO CLUE what the blood test is REALLY assessing — is a clinically valid and metabolically responsible approach, then you need to keep reading…

What I want to stress with you in this Post is that…

ANEMIA does NOT mean “Iron deficiency!”

Yes, I know how outrageously heretical that statement is. But I ALSO know – unlike your favorite M.ineral D.enialist – that TRUE & ABSOLUTE Iron deficiency is next to impossible on a Planet that has Iron comprising 36% of the Earth’s composition, thereby making it the #1 element on the Planet…

What is CRITICAL to this dynamic is understanding the “slight-of-hand” that is appearing with INCREASING FREQUENCY in the leading Iron Research studies…

“Iron deficiency” MEANS “Lack of FUNCTIONAL Iron!”

I have now seen it in THREE different research studies. And the Iron researchers stating this KNOW that it is Bioavailable Copper that is KEY to making Iron “FUNCTIONAL.” They know this TRUTH, and by now, I’m hoping you do, too!

What I would sincerely ask you to do RIGHT NOW, is take 30 minutes out of your all-too-busy-day, and read this VITAL RESEARCH on a new discovery in the battle against Neurodegeneration (Yang, et al, 2013):

Yes, this article has BIG words in it… But this article has some of the MOST IMPORTANT INSIGHTS that I’ve read about Iron in a LOOOOOONG time:

• Mitochondrial ferritin (FtMt) is a novel protein localized to the mitochondria.

• FtMt is expressed in restricted tissues including the brain, heart, kidney, thymus and gonads.

• FtMt lacks iron regulatory elements and its expression is increased by oxidative stress. [That’s a BIG DEAL! – emphasis added…]

• FtMt is increased in the cerebral cortex of AD (Alzheimer Disease) patients and in the SN (substantia niagra) of individuals with PD (Parkinson’s Disease) and RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome).

• The presence of FtMt prevents cell death induced by oxidative stress and neurotoxic proteins.

And the TWO most important sentences of this study, imho, are:

1) “Mitochondrial Ferritin (FtMt) also expresses Ferroxidase activity…” (which means this critical protein can’t do DIDDLY without Bioavailable Copper, aka Ceruloplasmin (Cp = Ferroxidase)

2) “Mitochondrial Ferritin (FtMt) overexpression showed a neuroprotective effect against H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)-induced Oxidative Stress and Amyloid Beta-induced neurotoxicity in Neuroblastoma cells” [Once again, Bioavailable Copper coming to the rescue of tissue being assaulted by Iron-induced Oxidative Stress!]

What this means is that a healthy body has a NATURALLY occurring mechanism to metabolize NEUROTOXIC IRON that is ONLY possible with Mitochondrial Ferritin, that DEPENDS on Ferroxidase function, that is ONLY possible in a body that has optimal levels of Bioavailable Copper.

Do you HONESTLY think that your favorite M.ineral D.enialist KNOWS, UNDERSTANDS OR AGREES WITH THIS?!?…

Here’s my take:

o If you don’t start to realize HOW LITTLE your doctor REALLY knows about Iron Toxicity…

o If you don’t start to realize that there is NO SUCH THING as “Iron Metabolism,” and that there is ONLY Copper<>Iron Metabolism…

o If you don’t start to understand and ACCEPT that Bioavailable Copper REGULATES Iron Status and the lack of this CRITICAL MINERAL CREATES Iron Toxicity…

o If you don’t start to understand that you are NOT “Anemic” from Iron deficiency, but are – FOR A FACT — Anemic from Chronic Inflammation…

o If you don’t start to STOP taking Iron Supplements and Iron Infusions because your doctor recommended/demanded this…


And if you think I’m being “too harsh,” or simply “don’t get your Iron status,” please take some MORE time to re-read that article again!… and the 53 Posts on Iron Toxicity that preceded this one…


1) Please watch my “Theory of Everything” Video – AGAIN!

2) Please learn & understand your TRUE mineral status via HTMA & Blood testing…

3) Please get a “Copernican Inspired” Consult to learn HOW the “Stress Mosaic” of your life CREATED the Mineral Dysregulation that you are now expressing…

4) Please understand that that ^^^^ Mineral Dysregulation CREATED the “Ferrous Wheel” and the Constellation of Symptoms that are expressions of Iron-induced Oxidative Stress… and

5) Please engage with the Root Cause Protocol (RCP) – even BEFORE you have a Consult – to initiate mineral balance that will then ALLOW metabolic recovery and optimal function.

At least that’s what I would do, given that ALL I’ve read about Iron… ?

And please keep ONE thought uppermost in your mind: “Why is this guy who’s known as “Magnesium Man!” ONLY talking about Iron Toxicity?!?… Hmmmmmmmmm?!?…

A votre sante!
Morley Robbins

o If you think the BIG Pharma CONTROLLED Iron Researchers DON’T get the TRUE Origin of ALL Chronic Diseases, then YOU DON’T GET IT!

o If you think the BIG Pharma CONTROLLED I(ron)gnorant Clinicians DO get the TRUE Origin of ALL Chronic Diseases, then YOU DON’T GET IT!

(Catch my “D”rift, MAG-pies & MAG-nets?!?…)



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