Iron Toxicity Post #51 – The Deceit of “Anemia”

by Morley Robbins on October 2, 2017

MAG-pie & MAG-net Alert!

Iron Toxicity Post #51 – The Deceit of “Anemia”

(This is dedicated to @Misty Lyons-Moffitt; @Tiffany Stanley; @Danica Riner; @Roseann Ardery; @Elizabeth Smith (GER) and other clients, as well as the MILLIONS of women/moms – around the Globe — who are being myth-guided by their practitioners about the myth-understood status of their Iron metabolism…)


The Gloves are coming OFF today re this “Iron Anemia” thing… I’ve HAD IT with the nonsensical, farcical, and pathological I(ron)gnorance of the conventional medical (allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, “functional,” whatever “Beliefology,” you happen to swear by…) system.

If ANY of the following conditions apply — on bended knee — I would sincerely ask that you read this Post #51, and the accompanying articles, VERY Slooooooooowly and VERY caaaaaaarefully:

  • “I’m Anemic…”
  • “My Iron is low…”
  • “My Ferritin is too low…”
  • “I’m tired & I need more Iron…”
  • “I need to raise my Ferritin more…”
  • “I’m taking Iron supplements/infusions…”
  • OR ANY variation on these ^^^^ Iron-ic themes…




In a phrase, you, and your favorite practitioner, simply do NOT “get it!”… 😉

The ONLY “Anemia” that you suffer from is your practitioner’s abject FAILURE to understand Iron Metabolism, how to measure it PROPERLY in the human body, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, that EVERY facet of Iron activity is RULED & REGULATED by bioavailable Copper. Please know, this LAST point will be a subject for a future MAG Post as we march slowly & steadily up to my next Series of Posts: “Thy-raid on Thy-roid!”… (Trust me, you will NOT want to miss those… 😉 )

Truth be known, you are, more than likely, IRON TOXIC!

If you are at all curious about my stance, or are convinced I’m all wet about this Iron thingy, please read this important Article below – as suggested, slooooooowly and caaaaaaarefully. (WARNING: you had best have tissues nearby so that when you realize AND accept that your Practitioner [& you…] are not just wrong, but DEAD wrong, you’ll have some place to shed those flowing tears!)

(Messner and Kowdley, 2010 Feb, “Biting the Iron Bullet: Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Adds the Pain of Hepcidin to Chronic Liver Disease,” Hepatology; 51(2):705-707)

Alright, so what is this ^^^^ Article trying to tell us?…

“Inflammation and Iron are KNOWN [emphasis added…] extracellular stimuli for Hepcidin Expression.”


What’s that mean?…

Well, Hepcidin (aka Hpn, which has 25 Amino Acids, compared to Ceruloplasmin’s 1,046 Amino Acids… 😉 ) is mainstream medicine’s “media darling,” and is supposedly THE regulatory Hormone for Iron Metabolism – Omg! MAG me with a spoon… You might want to read this article, again, if you want to understand what’s REALLY going on with getting Iron OUT OF the cell & back into circulation:

(Musci, et al, 2014, “Ceruloplasmin-Ferroportin System of Iron Trafficking in Vertebrates”)

Trust me, FAILURE to understand the PIVOTAL dynamics between Ceruloplasmin <> Ferroportin <> Hepcidin is where conventional practitioners CREATE CHAOS in BOTH the minds & the bodies of their all too trusting clients!

Iron Metabolism is MEANT to be a SOPHISTICATED Recycling Program… Iron is MEANT to be in constant circulation – literally! And Ceruloplasmin & Ferroportin GUARANTEES that process… And increased expression of Hepcidin KILLS IT!… (Please, re-read that sentence AGAIN… ) MORE Hepcidin is NOT your friend. MORE Ceruloplasmin IS your friend.

So, when Iron is showing “LOW” on the blood work, it is NOT unreasonable to assume that a Pathogenic Infection has triggered our Immune System to do what it has been designed to do: PULL THE IRON OUT OF THE BLOOD AND PUT IT INTO STORAGE. Why does it do that? Because ALL of the critters (Bacteria, Virus, Fungus & Parasites) MUST HAVE IRON with which to live, to replicate and to THRIVE. And our Immune System is finely tuned – after Millennia of Millennia of generations – to keep that Iron from them. That system worked for a looooooong time…

Until they changed our Food & Rx meds systems ~75 yrs ago, and they changed the foundational understanding of Copper, as well as the CRITICAL interplay between Copper <> Iron in regulating these metals and our “metal-bolic” functions, esp. in our Liver.

OK, I get that, so then what’s the problem?…

Well, as laid out in this Messner (2010) article FOR ALL TO SEE, we now are learning that Inflammation AND Iron (which CAUSES Inflammation… you remember that, right?…) INCREASES the production and expression of Hepcidin!

So what does that mean?…

Increased Hepcidin = Increased Iron Storage = Decreased Iron appearance in Blood work

Translating that KEY Phrase, noted earlier, from this Messner & Kowdley, 2010, Article:
“Inflammation and Iron are known extracellular stimuli for INCREASED IRON STORAGE [emphasis added] which causes Iron to show up LOW on Ferritin, show up LOW on serum Iron, and show up LOW on % Saturation markers.

How about them Apples?!?… 😉

Now, here’s where it gets REALLY interesting…

When was the LAST time your favorite practitioner MEASURED your Hepcidin level?… 😉

LIKE NEVER! Why?… Because you CAN’T order it from Commercial Labs!


And yes, that article is also SILENT on our buddy, Ceruloplasmin (Cp)! So what is that research from Dr. Musci trying to teach us?…

  • When Ceruloplasmin is STRONG, as the Ferroxidase enzyme, Hepcidin is LOW…
  • When Ceruloplasmin is WEAK, as the Ferroxidase enzyme, Hepcidin is HIGH…

So, Excess, Unbound Iron – from your “Anemia-inspired” confusion is CAUSING:

  • Hepcidin to RISE
  • Inflammation to RISE (Hepcidin TRIGGERS Inflammation…)
  • Iron to get STORED IN TISSUE (that does NOT show up on a Blood test…)
  • Cp Ferroxidase-form of the enzyme to FALL…
  • Copper metabolism to then be COMPROMISED…
  • Iron metabolism to then become CHAOTIC, at best… and
  • Your overall health to SUFFER across a WIIIIIIIDE SPECTRUM of Symptoms that FORM YOUR FERROUS WHEEL…

Said ANOTHER way…

If you are taking Iron supplements, or are getting Iron infusions or are taking ANY daily multi-vitamins that have Iron in them, YOU ARE SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT! Period.

Again, you do NOT have “Anemia of Iron Deficiency!”

It is VERY LIKELY that you DO have “Anemia of Chronic Inflammation” which REGULARLY appears on my client’s blood work via these FIVE blood markers:

1) LOW Magnesium RBC
2) LOW or Suspiciously HIGH Ceruloplasmin (High Cp is a clinical sign of Inflammation…)
3) LOW serum Iron
4) LOW % Saturation (serum Iron/serum TIBC)
5) LOW or HIGH Ferritin (High Ferritin is routinely flagged as a marker for Inflammation…)

Those wanting to BETTER understand this “Anemia of Chronic Inflammation” might enjoy reading this:
(Weinstein, et al, 2002, “Inappropriate Expression of Hepcidin in Anemia of Chronic Disease”)

Iron-ic, eh?…

OK, I’m beginning to get it!… So what am I supposed to do NOW?…

Please do the following:

1) Get the FULL Monty Iron Panel


2) Get that blood test PROPERLY Interpreted by a Health Coach that is TRAINED to understand the TRUTH of Copper<>Iron metabolism, & how often this “Anemia of Chronic Inflammation” appears…

3) Get these Articles cited ^^^^ into the hands of your favorite practitioner(s)…

4) Get their COMMITMENT to READ them and have an OPEN & HONEST dialogue about what these studies REALLY mean, and HOW they will CHANGE the course of your treatment…

5) Get REAL about your TRUE Iron Status…

6) Get OFF your Iron supplements/infusions and beLIEf that you are “Anemic!”… Your body Mo’ bioavailable Copper, NOT Mo’ Iron…

7) Get ONTO the Root Cause Protocol, and watch your symptoms disappear…

And now, having said ALL of that…

I am now going to INVOKE the 2nd RULE Of the MAG FB Group:

There will be NO discussion – by ANY MAG-pie, nor MAG-net – about “Anemia” without that member Posting the results of their FULL Monty Iron Panel. Failure to do so, will result in an immediate deletion of that myth-leading Thread.

A 2nd Offense will result in that MAG-pie and/or MAG-net being jettisoned from the MAG Group!

I know that will “offend” some. It’s a rather strident stand for me to take. Quite frankly, I don’t care at this point. I have endured the slings & arrows over the abject ignorance & insanity re Hormone-D, and this issue, IMHO, is 10 TIMES more important and 10 TIMES more destructive to your overall health! I am becoming NUMB as the number of clients grows that have been MYTH-DIAGNOSED and are NOW suffering mightily for their body’s inability to cope with the ASSAULT of the excess, unbound Iron.

And truth be known, if there is any “offense” over this information, and this NEWLY MINTED MAG RULE, it rightfully should be directed SQUARELY on your practitioners that have “Myth-led” you ALL OF THESE YEARS… And those that have taken the precious time to get this far, now have an obligation to share it with their circles of family & friends, AND to educate their health practitioners about this KEY reality.

We are starting a NEW Chapter for the MAG FB Group and so it goes!…

A votre sante!


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