Heart Disease? Take ANYTHING but Magnesium!…

by Morley Robbins on May 2, 2013

Be still my heart…

And now we’re told by yet another “top cardiologist” to take a supplement to address our “heart disease.” And this time, it’s a Probiotic!  http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/Headline/probiotics-heart-attack-good-bacteria-TMAO/2013/05/01/id/502166?s=al&promo_code=13590-1

OMg… you are kidding me, right?

The field of Cardiology will do anything to keep the light from shining on Magnesium deficiency as the root cause of all aspects of heart disease. If you knew how lack of Magnesium, especially the lack of Mg-ATP (energy currency of the cell), was the principle CAUSE of all facets of cardiac dysfunction, you might just storm the Cardiac Bastille!

Now we’re being told to up our Probiotics to bring more “good” bacteria into our gut, so that it can offset the “bad” bacteria known as TMAO. This you may recall was the subject of a recent study linking elevated levels of TMAO to red meat — yet another attempt to keep us from eating the best source of CoQ10, L-Carnitine and D-Ribose on the Planet. (Those 3 nutrients + Mg are the core elements for cardiac energy production…)

And here’s where it gets fascinating… It turns out that TMAO has an enzyme that keeps it in check. It’s called TMAO reductase. Now, anyone want to guess what non-oxidant, divalent, metabolic mineral activates TMAO reductase?!? Yeah, you guessed it… Magnesium!

So, I’m all for taking Probiotics, but for the right reasons — they help  us with our Magnesium uptake!

Please, go have that steak, and wash it down with a glass of Mg-rich water and  a good chelated Mg supplement… It’s the best way to avoid an unexpected trip to your Cardiologist — contrary to popular opinion…

A votre sante!

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