Do you know Cathy S., RCPC?

by Morley Robbins on September 22, 2018

I suspect that you did not know that Cathy Streitwieser is an extraordinary Mom. When her teen became mysteriously ill a few years ago, she began to search the medical literature and then dived into research papers. At one point, she stumbled into the MAG group.

She started to implement the Root Cause Protocol for both herself and her teen. Changes began to slowly happen. So, she persevered and got the testing done. More progress.

Next was her giant leap to learn the depths and breadths of the Root Cause Protocol. Cathy took the training and is now a certified Root Cause Protocol Consultant.

Her daughter continues slow and steady improvement. Enough improvement that she is back in school.

Cathy will be at the Detroit Event of the Root Cause Protocol World Tour. You can meet this astounding and tenacious Mom there.

PSSST  🙂  If you would like a live, face-to-face consult with Cathy S. during the Detroit Event, please use this link to order it.  You will receive an HTMA kit in the mail, cut the hair samples (directions included) and mail the kit in the enclosed, self-addressed, envelope ASAP.

Live, on-site, in Detroit, RCP Consult with Cathy S. is $300.00.  Please use this direct paypal link.

And, also think about the value of the RCPC training for yourself and your family. Take the leap and get trained, too.


To register for the Detroit Event,

                                           go to


If you can’t make it to Detroit….. the next RCPC online training begins October 2nd!  Register at

A votre sante,
Morley M. Robbins

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