Australia – the Root Cause Protocol World Tour Begins.

by Morley Robbins on January 16, 2018

Cold weather, snow, ice and short daylight days getting you down?

Here’s a “prescription”!

Go on an education to Australia!

That’s right, it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Morley Robbins and Dr.Liz will be there conducting consults, workshops and Root Cause Protocol Consultant training leading to certification in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

What can be more ideal?

Don’t wait, as February 2018 comes soon. To learn more…. the details, four locations, registrations and etc., go to:

The RCP World Tour in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Australia.

See you Down Under in February!
Morley Robbins

P.S.   If you can’t get away, here are two options:

1.  learn about the Root Cause Protocol via this new video series.

2.  to become a Root Cause Protocol certified consultant, the next 16 week online intensive training begins March 8, 2018.  Register now to secure your place.

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