13 In the Bag and a Free Lunch, too! Detroit RCP Event.

by Morley Robbins on November 4, 2018


13 In the Bag!

Folks who attended the Detroit Root Cause Protocol Event, October 25 – 28, 2018, were presented with gift bags with 13 items from our generous (and appreciated) sponsors, donors… and friends.

Platinum Sponsors

● Jigsaw’s Mg malate B-Free and MagNow singles – by Jigsawhealth… CEO Patrick is a MAG member and inspired the coming, new, RCP website.
● Huge gift basket Corganic.com, home of Rosita’s cod liver oil – Dan Corrigan is both an RCPC as well as MAG member. (Link earns a 15% discount in the cart)

Gold Donors

● Ancient Lakes – Keto Salt, Magnesium infused salt C+Salts, Kakadu Plum Adrenal Support, Concentrated Ionic Magnesium provided by Mary Ellen Murphy, Root Cause Protocol Consultant trainee and MAG member.
● Idetox – developed by Karen Gadol, RCPC, for the RCP.
● Epsom It! – Developed by Dave Wilbur, MAG member and on the RCP.
● Perfect Dessicated Beef Liver – by Perfect Supplements.
● Epsom salt – by Michael Boerger, MAG member, who shared that Epsom salt is made from the Magnesium rich waters in Manistee Michigan USA! Who knew?
● DandyBlend – Morley Robbins and Dr Liz’s favorite beverage.
● Lovely lavender sachets – by Twila Starkey, RCPC, MAG Mod and Detroit RCP Event team member.

And, they also received personalized notebooks, pens, name tags and shopping bags, too. 🙂



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MJ Hampstead, RCPC
MAG and The Copernican Institute
November 4, 2018

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